Visual Retrospectives of City Culture

I am a photo-illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. I create portraits of urban centers – starting, of course, with the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. My work blends architecture, urban details, and fleeting moments to moments to tell a richly layered story not possible individually. I am keenly aware how the architectural environment reflects human culture and I distill and decipher it so you can see it more clearly. 

To make my illustrations, I explore the city and take many photos to make sure I am capturing key elements. I load the images on my computer and isolate the elements I want to use and remove all background imagery. Then I can start composing the scene by putting the different elements together. It is amazing how at first the objects don’t work together at all, but as I keep working, something clicks and the scene comes together naturally...almost like a complex puzzle. 

My scenes become a retrospective of city centers thereby preserving city history and culture. They also serve as reflections of favorite places, landmarks, and experiences which provide viewers fond memories and hope for future adventures that still await them.

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